Why the name “Clip Studio” is a lot like “Cartoon Studio”

It’s the name of a video game series by a company that has long been known for its “cartoon studio” style video game games.

And the name might not be that different.

The company behind “Clipped” is called Clip Studio, and it’s made of just one person.

In fact, the company is so small it only has two employees.

But in the past, the studio has had some serious name-dropping, too.

Here are the basics:Clip Studios first opened its doors in 2002 with a single person working full-time.

The company then made its way to multiple offices around the country, and in 2016 it made its first North American location.

In 2017, the Clip Studio name was updated to “Clips Studio,” and the name was made public.

This year, the name changed again to “Cartoons Studio” and the new name was announced in a tweet by the company.

So what’s so special about “Clipping Studio”?

As with any other video game studio, the real reason Clip Studios is so secretive is the size of its business.

It has about 20 employees, according to the company’s website.

It operates out of a single location in suburban New Jersey, but because the company operates out from multiple locations, it has the capacity to work from home, according the company itself.

The video game industry is notoriously secretive, and the fact that Clip Studio is so tiny makes it all the more difficult to understand what makes it tick.

So we sat down with the company to get the scoop on what makes Clip Studio tick.

What is Clip Studio?

Clip studio is a small, but important part of the video game gaming industry.

The business is a spinoff of “Cliff’s Game” company.

Clips Game is a company known for creating the game “Cliffs of Uncanny Valley,” which was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012.

Clips Game’s founder, Cliff Clifton, has been working on his own video game business since 1999, and his company has become known for making video games.

Cliff Clifman has said that “Clipp Studio” was born when he realized that “any company that made video games needed to be made by someone.”

Clip studios “clips” are small, handheld games that are developed for one platform.

The games can be played on any computer, but it’s the way they play on a mobile device that makes them special.

Clip studios are usually released on mobile devices, such as Android, Apple, and Windows, but the company has been developing for a lot of different platforms, too, such to the Xbox 360.

When Clifmans game “Clicks” was released in 2016, it was a huge hit for the company, earning Clifons highest-ever game review score on Steam.

Clip is also one of the earliest creators of video games in the U.S. and the first company to go to Kickstarter in 2016 to fund its games.

But unlike most companies, Clip Studios has never been sued.

The name “Cartoony”The name Clip Studio comes from a video clip that was made by the famous cartoonist Bob and Ken.

Bob and Ken’s “Cartograph” series, which features a group of anthropomorphic animals, was released by Warner Brothers in the early 1960s.

It was popular with kids and adults alike, and was so popular that it inspired a series of cartoons by the same name.

The name came from the cartoon’s protagonist, Cartoony, who is the main character of the series.

Clipped Studio has been around since 2002, but its first store opened in 2003 in a suburb of Philadelphia.

It’s since expanded its stores to more than 200 locations across the country.

What makes Clip Studios unique?

Clips is a video gaming company that’s made more than 10,000 video games, and its biggest hit was the “Corkscrew” series that launched in 2014.

The series featured an anthropomorphic pirate captain who is in his own little ship that’s outfitted with a variety of weapons.

The clip features a cartoon pirate captain named Cork, who has his own pirate crew.

The series was one of Clip Studios biggest hits, and as the series drew to an end, Clip Studio announced a series that would continue the story of Cork’s crew.

The “Corkcrew” franchise was followed by the “Clippers” series in 2016.

Clipping’s other series include “Boys & Girls” and “Gangs & Guns.”

Clips has been featured on television and radio, and has appeared in the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Disney’s “Pirate’s Passage.”

Clipping Studios has also created the “Paint” series of video game adventures that includes “Picks,” a new character named Pickles, who takes over the