Why I love this painting of a cat, dog, owl and unicorn from Halloween

It’s a painting of the night sky, and it’s made by the talented artist, Sarah Kasten.

Sarah Kackem was born and raised in San Francisco, and she’s currently working as a freelance illustrator.

I really love this cat, it’s got that “honey badger” look to it.

The owl’s ears and tail are also just gorgeous.

The unicorn’s head is so perfect.

Sarah Kackel is so talented, I’m pretty sure she paints a lot of art.

I’ve always wanted to paint an owl, but I’m always too shy.

She’s currently on hiatus, so I hope you guys enjoy this little piece.

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I love the way the owl’s hair is pulled back, and the dog’s eyes are framed by the moon.

And the unicorn’s ears are just perfect.

I also love the cat, because it’s so cute.

It has that big fluffy coat that makes it look like a cute baby.

I love that it’s also a little bit of a mohawk, which I love.

I love how the owl is so big.

I know I’m a little crazy to love owls, but you’re not crazy to like a moustache.

I like that I’m able to blend in.

If you’d like to read more about Sarah Kasterm’s work, you can check out her website at www.sarahkastenarts.com.

Follow her on Twitter @SarahKastenArt.