Why are people still painting in the ocean?

A group of ocean-painting enthusiasts has found a new way to celebrate the ocean.

For many, the ocean is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but for some, it’s also the only place they can find peace and calm.

And now, a group of people are taking a different approach to the ocean and bringing it to life with their art.

In the past year, some artists have found inspiration in the beauty of the ocean, but many others have taken it to a new level, painting their work with oil paints and acrylics.

Many of these artists say their work reflects the ocean’s unique and magical nature.

One artist, Ashley Lipscomb, has taken it one step further and created an oil painting using acrylic paint.

“It’s like an ocean mural, you know, you see this beautiful, beautiful color palette, you think, this is something beautiful,” LipsComb told ABC News.

“You know, that you can see the water in the water, it is a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of the world.”

The artist said her work can be found on murals and other sea-based artwork around the world.

She said her paintings have become a part of her own life, showing her where she lives and the people who live there.

“This has really been an opportunity for me to just reflect the beautiful nature of the water and the beauty that I see in the whole world,” Lopes said.

For Lopes, it has allowed her to live out her dream of becoming an artist.

“I just feel like it’s a way to express myself, express who I am, express my emotions, express myself as an artist, express how I see things, express the world,” she said.

While some may be drawn to the art of painting, many others say the art is a way for them to feel safe and feel at peace in the sea.ABC News’ David Nolen contributed to this report.