Which Paint Brushes Are Good for Your Painting Skills?

By now, you’re probably familiar with the painting brushes you use to paint.

There’s the spray paint variety that you can get for less than $10 a pop, and then there’s the brush that’s best for those that can’t afford to buy the expensive, hand-made versions.

But which brushes do you actually need to brush on your canvases?

Here are the best brushes for painting in this handy chart.1.

Paintbrush 2.

Brush 3.

Brushes 4.

Top of the line brushes 5.

Classic brush 6.

Modern brush 7.

Color brush 8.

Modern color brushes 9.

Classic palette brushes 10.

Modern palette brushes 11.

Classic spray paint brushes 12.

Brush that can paint with.


Classic paints for kids 14.

Paint-on brushes 15.

Classic paint brushes 16.

Brush for beginners.17.

Brush with kids.


Paint brushes for beginners 19.

Classic painting brush 20.

Modern painting brush.