When will the new paint be applied?

A new paint will be applied in the first weeks of January, with the colors being selected by the cabinet paint department.

The color scheme for the interior paint department is not yet clear, but the department is working on a new paint for the car interior, with plans to use reds and greens.

There is no official release date for the new car, but it is expected to be revealed in February.

The cabinet paint section is also working on an updated version of the color scheme, according to sources.

The ministry is also preparing for a major redesign of the interior of the new cars, with a new look.

The department is currently working on the redesign of all interior elements, according the sources.

A new exterior paint for this car will be revealed after the new design is finalized.

The new cars will be delivered to dealers in the beginning of April, with orders placed for the first batch of 10 cars.