When concrete floors will replace concrete columns

The concrete flooring on the ground floor of a new condo tower in the heart of Manhattan will have to be replaced, according to a report released Thursday by the New York State Department of Buildings.

The state says the existing concrete floor will not be used as flooring in the new building, despite the fact that it is “a significant portion of the structure.”

New floors will be installed on a “small number of floors” in the tower’s basement, according the report.

The new concrete floor on the bottom level of the tower will have two concrete columns and three concrete walls.

The report said that the state’s Building Department has determined that “the structural integrity of the floor will be better protected in this new design than in previous floor designs.”

The report is based on information gathered in the building’s design and construction, including the state Department of Design and Construction’s investigation of the building.

The Department of Building Inspection has been conducting an extensive investigation of new condo towers in New York City, with a focus on the flooring they use, the impact of their design on the surrounding landscape, and the environmental impacts of building construction.

The department’s report also noted that a total of four of the five floors of the new tower will be used for flooring.

A third floor will have a roof, while the fourth floor will feature a roof.

In addition to the new floor, the building will include a roof garden.

The buildings owners, the Soho Manhattan Development Corporation, will continue to use existing concrete columns.

A spokesman for the developer said the company is “very excited about the future of our new building and our commitment to make it the best it can be.”