What it’s like to see the world’s first ‘high-end’ home in the wild and personal space

At a time when many people are living more remotely, and living longer, some are looking to live in their own personal space.

At the International High-End Home Conference in Sydney last week, attendees got to take a peek inside their homes for a first look at their high-end spaces.

Here are the highlights: A luxury home that’s designed to fit in a backyard A home designed to house a guest and family of up to 25 guests A luxury estate with a large outdoor kitchen, outdoor living area and a master bedroom.

These homes are designed to accommodate up to 250 guests at one time and can cost $1.5 million.

“This is a high-class home, a world-class, super-luxury home,” says James McBride, who runs McBride Real Estate in Melbourne, Australia, which has designed more than 40 high-cost homes.

“The price of a house in Australia is about $2 million and it’s not even close to what’s available in New Zealand.

We’re seeing people with an interest in being at home more than they are in living in a room in a house.” “

We see a lot of houses going for hundreds of thousands of dollars and we have a lot more than that.

We’re seeing people with an interest in being at home more than they are in living in a room in a house.”

The cost of living at the high-priced houses is rising.

In 2017, Australia’s average house price was $2.1 million, up 8 per cent from 2016, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“There is a lot that people need to be doing in their lives,” says Ms McBride.

“If you are not in a good relationship with your partner or not in the best position financially, it’s very difficult for a family to raise their children, for the children to get access to quality education, and to make sure they’re safe to leave the home if they need to.”

For more information on high-price housing in Australia, see our guide to luxury houses.

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