“This is the worst way to die.” A man’s nightmare of life after being shot to death in the head by his ex-girlfriend is coming to life online.

The story of a 19-year-old who died after being struck in the skull by a bullet from a former boyfriend has been uploaded to YouTube.

In a video posted on Sunday, a man can be seen running towards the door of his ex’s apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, after she allegedly shot him in the neck.

The man can then be seen lying on the floor in front of the door and his body slumped against the wall, while police stand by.

In the aftermath of the attack, the woman and the victim, identified by the Winnipeg Free Press as 19-years-old Aiden Jones, are seen at a local hospital.

Jones, who had a previous criminal record, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras, as the woman exited the apartment, pulled a handgun and fired multiple shots, police said.

Jones had fled the apartment at the time, police told CBC News.

Police said the woman, who was not injured, was also heard shouting at the man to stop.

He did not comply, and shots were fired.

The woman is now in custody and is facing several charges, including attempted murder and assault with a weapon, police say.

Jones’ mother, Samantha Taylor, told CBC Radio’s Manitoba AM the situation has been “totally surreal.”

“The only thing that makes sense is it was the way it happened,” she said.

The victim’s family has not released a statement in the case.