The ‘worst paint night’ painting ever: The first time Bob Ross paints paint

A ‘worst’ painting night is a day when a painting gets stolen, damaged, or painted to look like it was stolen.

A painting can be a masterpiece or an oddity.

In the first case, the painting was stolen from a garage floor or something of that sort.

The second is when a piece of art has been stolen or vandalised.

Bob Ross, known as ‘the best painter in the world’, has an even darker side to his art.

He once painted a painting of a ‘monet’ on a garage wall that went missing, and the piece was later found.

In a recent interview with ABC TV in the UK, he said the painting went missing in the early 1990s after he lost a painting he had been working on to a fellow painter, who then used a paint roller to rip it out of the wall.

Ross was also the owner of a painting studio in the 1970s.

ABC News: ‘My studio had to be closed down’ Ross told ABC TV that he would often have to work on a painting with a partner who would be working on a piece.

Ross said he never liked to paint because he wanted to be ‘free’.

ABC News reports that Ross is currently in prison serving a life sentence for burglary.

He says that he had never even had the chance to see his artwork before being jailed for his crime.

‘I never even painted my paintings,’ Ross said.

‘They had been stolen.

My studio had been closed down and I was behind bars for seven and a half years, so I never even knew what it was that had happened to it.’

I had no idea what was going on in there, so it was a very traumatic experience.’

Ross was released from prison in 2010.

ABC Radio Australia’s Bob Ross: ‘I don’t have the power of the law, so the law can’t punish me.

The law can only punish me.’

In this clip from a 2006 interview with the ABC, Ross talks about the experience of being behind bars.

‘The police never came, so we were all locked up in a room,’ Ross says.

‘It was really tough, because we were just locked up for seven years in a house where we never went outside.’

One night I was working on my painting and I woke up and the door was open and someone came in.’

The painting was in the studio, and I had just been painting for about a year and a day, so when the door opened it was somebody else.’

My heart went out to them, because they knew I was a painter, but I felt bad for them because they were not going to get the painting back.’

And then it dawned on me, you know, I don’t even know how it happened, but somebody stole the painting and they were painting a monet on a door that they had never been in before.’

So I went out and painted a monero on the door and I think I got it back and the other painting was back.

But then the painting came back.

And that was the last time anybody saw it.

‘What I’m not happy about is that somebody has got the right to steal it and put it in the gallery and to take away the artwork.’

Ross told the ABC in a 2009 interview that he was still haunted by the theft.

‘My mind is still haunted about that night when the painting had been taken,’ he said.

ABC radio: Bob Ross in the ABC interview Bob Ross says that if the thief is found guilty he will have to pay restitution and will have his painting returned.

ABC news: ‘You don’t want to be responsible for that, but if you get caught with that painting, you pay restitution.’

ABC News says Ross was in prison for five years for burglary and a string of other charges.

Ross told an ABC Radio interview in the 1990s that he used to paint on the walls of the studio.

ABC TV: ‘It’s not that I am going to be able to paint my art back, but at least I will be able paint it.’

ABC Radio: Bob: ‘That was my studio in Australia, I never painted anything there.’ABC Radio: ‘The paintings were stolen, they went missing and they never came back.’

Bob Ross was convicted of burglary in 1996, and sentenced to five years and seven months in prison.

ABC: ‘If you don’t think you deserve to be here, and you want to get out, go back.’

ABC TV news: Bob in the interview Bob said he did not feel remorse for the theft of the painting, and that he hoped to be released soon.

ABC television: ‘All I want to do is paint my painting.’

ABC radio host Bob Ross on the ABC’s BobRoss show in 1997: ‘There was a painting that had been in my studio that I had painted on

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