The ‘perfect’ painting is now an ‘excellent’ object

A pair of “perfect” paintings, painted by two different artists, have been sold in Germany for more than 1.5 million euros ($1.8 million).

The paintings, which have been on display at the Art Museums Berlin and Berlin’s prestigious Max Planck Institute for Art for almost a decade, were purchased in 2013 by the artist who painted them, Matthias Kühlmann.

The paintings were originally bought by Küln’s local gallery, which said they were among their “beautiful and striking works of art”.

But Külsmann and his wife, Florian, have since turned the pieces into art objects and sold them to Berliners, while his family is still collecting the proceeds.

“These two paintings are, in my opinion, the most beautiful objects in the whole museum, and I want to give them back to the public,” Külmann said in a statement.

“These two works have a very special quality, and are beautiful because they are so perfect.”

Külsman, whose name translates to “the one with the perfect” in German, has painted the two paintings on a large canvas that sits on a pedestal in the museum.

He has also painted the faces of the two women on the back of the painting, which is also on display.

The museum’s curator, Barbara Pohl, said that while it is the largest art collection in the world, the paintings in question are not “one-of-a-kind”.

“The painting is just a piece of paper, it’s not a work of art.

The only thing it has in common with an original is the name Matthias.

The paintings have been bought as a gift by a local collector who bought them in 2013,” Pohl told the AP news agency.”

The work is so beautiful that it’s almost impossible to describe it, but it’s an excellent object, and we hope that the collector will want to return it to us.”

Pohl said that she hoped that the museum would “bring the pieces to life, to inspire us and to enrich us”.

“We know that many of the paintings are not very well known in Germany, so we’re happy that Matthias is bringing them to life,” she said.