When does a girl wear paint?

We can’t make this stuff up!  What you need to know about paint Today’s news has a bunch of paint related news. Today’s news: How do you paint a girl’s face? Today paint is a term used to describe the paint used on dolls and other art objects. The paint is usually made from pigments that are mixed with liquid resin, […]


Which Paint Colors Are Actually Black?

The paint colors we’re using today aren’t really black, according to the National Geographic team who found that the paint colors used today are actually white, black, red and blue.In other words, if you paint a painting of a black-and-white photo, it’s actually just a white photograph.And that’s not a surprise.In the late 19th and […]


Which of these are better for painting?

The answer may surprise you, but both are worth trying out, experts say.The answer is not entirely clear, but if you choose to try out both options, you might be surprised.Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of the spray paint and waverly paint options, according to the experts at Paint-A-Diary:1.Spray paint:Waverly paints, which […]

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