‘Pumpkin Painting Ideas’: The 10 Most Inspiring Ideas for a Halloween Party

You may not have seen this in your local mall or Walmart, but you’ve probably seen it at a pumpkin painting event. 

It’s the act of showing up dressed up as your favorite pumpkin and taking a selfie with a giant pumpkin. 

There are even pumpkin-themed Facebook groups, Instagram feeds and Pinterest pages. 

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a little costume design. 

Here are some of our favorite pumpkin painting suggestions, along with a few others we’ve heard of: 1.

Painted pumpkin costumes: The best pumpkin-inspired costumes you can do at a Halloween party are from pumpkin painting. 

A group called the Halloween Pumpkin Paintings is dedicated to sharing and discussing all the best pumpkin painting photos, videos, and Instagram accounts. 

You can find more than 10,000 pumpkin-painted costumes in the group’s gallery, and there’s even a Halloween themed Instagram page for the most popular costumes. 

In addition to the costume-centric Pinterest group, there’s also a group of friends who post photos of themselves in costume. 

If you’re looking for something more DIY-friendly, there are a number of pumpkin decorating websites and tutorials. 

 There’s also pumpkin art tutorials and pumpkin painting books on the market. 

“Pumpkins are a wonderful and universal symbol of childhood,” said Brittany Coyle, the creative director at the group.

“They’re just so simple and so colorful, and we’re so thankful to have them.” 


Make pumpkin sculptures: A good pumpkin painting project is the creation of a large, animated, painted pumpkin.

The group’s Pumpkin Art Gallery features some of the best-crafted pumpkin sculptures, and you can purchase them online or by mail. 


Paint your own pumpkin: The group offers DIY pumpkin painting classes in their studio in Los Angeles. 

They’ll even let you paint your own creations at home, so you can have a real pumpkin party! 


Take a picture with your own handcrafted pumpkin: It’s fun to make your own paintable pumpkin, but there are other creative ways to make it. 

The group has a DIY pumpkin paint shop, so if you’re having trouble finding an affordable paintable model, there might be a way to do it yourself. 


Create your own craft: If you’re really looking to get creative, there is a pumpkin art store in New York City. 

Coyle said that the shop is an ideal location for an outdoor pumpkin painting party because of its proximity to New York landmarks like The Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and The Wall Street Bridge. 


Get a paint job: While it’s not technically possible to paint your pumpkin, there really are tons of creative ways you can make it look as if it is, or as if you have it painted. 

Baked goods like cookies, candy, and cookies and buns are all great options for pumpkin painting, and the group has pumpkin-based paint kits available for sale. 


Make your own costume: The Halloween Pumpkin Painting Instagram group has hundreds of photos and videos of people painting their own costumes, and they have a Pinterest page for everyone’s favorite Halloween costumes.8.

Build a pumpkin at home: You can build your own homemade pumpkin at a DIY workshop, but it’s still not really feasible. 

So, you may want to head over to a local craft store to get your own handmade pumpkin.9.

Get creative with a costume you’ve already made: The Halloween Pumpkin Art gallery is dedicated specifically to pumpkin art. 

But there are so many pumpkin painting events around the country, and many of the costumes featured there are actually costume designs you’ve created yourself.

You can find a lot of different pumpkin painting inspiration on Pinterest. 


Make a costume at home for a special occasion: Halloween can be a big time for costumes, so there’s nothing more fun than dressing up as a character you know and love. 

Find a costume for a big day, like a birthday, graduation, or birth, and make it as personalized as you want.