How to paint your nails and make them look like kelly morre paint

The first time you paint your nail polish you are most likely going to see a lot of nails with a lot going on.

But, what if you were to paint one nail with kelly-moor paint and then use the same paint on a different nail?

That’s exactly what you need to do to make your nails look like the original. 

The idea of kelly Moor paint came from a painting class in the 1950s.

When a student asked his teacher what color he should paint his nails with, the teacher said that he would paint the first nail with the most amount of paint.

It was a fairly common and practical answer, but for decades, it didn’t take into account the different nail colors that people used in their everyday lives. 

Now, with new technologies, there is a new way to paint nails that’s a bit easier to learn and understand. 

It can also look a bit more professional, and it can also be a bit less expensive than using a lot more paint.

If you have any tips for using kelly paint with your nails, let us know in the comments below.

Image:  kelly moor, via  Instagram, Flickr