How to paint your house black to make it look like it’s been painted by a black cat

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your black cat to paint his or her home, here’s a quick and easy way.

If you’re a little squeamish, here are some suggestions to get the job done.


Make a black paint can You can find cheap black paint cans at craft stores, garden centers and garden supply stores.

But don’t go looking for black paint from the drugstore or online.

You’ll end up spending money you’ll never use on a black painted house.

You can buy black paint at any art supply store for under $2, according to The Black Cat Company, a company that specializes in black paint.


Get your cat to do it First, take a photo of your cat doing something you like.

This could be climbing a tree or swimming in the pond.

You could also do it in front of a window or window frame, or even in a corner of the house.


Put it in a bucket A good paint can is made out of metal or wood, but a plastic can or foam can will work just as well.


Put a small piece of wood in front and inside of the paint can to seal it in Place your black paint paint can in a plastic container, fill the can with water, and pour in the water.

If your cat will let you put water in, just place it in the top half of the can.

When it’s fully filled, turn the can upside down and you should see your cat paint his house black.


Add a cat bed A black painted home will look like a bed of black catnip.

Put an empty cat bed in the bottom half of your paint can.

The cat will be resting on the bottom of the cat bed, which is the same position you’d place a bed in a white or black painted room.

It’s just like a sleeping cat.


Paint a few coats of paint When you have time, take photos of the finished black painted look, but be sure to let your cat know how to do this first.

If he or she loves the look, you may want to add more coats of black paint to make the house look even more like a black painting.


Add decorations The final step is to add some decoration to the black painted interior of your home.

You might have to remove a few things like the door to your cat’s house or some wallpaper to get it all right.

But you can make some fun decorations for your cat.

Paint it black and make it your own!