How to Paint a SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob squarepants

When I first saw this SpongeBob painting, I was stunned by how realistic it looked.

The color was vibrant and bright, and the brush stroke was perfect.

I knew this painting was going to be the inspiration for my next project, so I started by painting SpongeBob’s head on the same brush stroke.

I made sure to paint the entire head, so that I could see the outlines of the eyes and the ears.

I painted the hair and eyebrows, which were also done with the same color.

Next, I added the face.

To get a better idea of the detail, I used my camera to record the details of the SpongeBob mouth and mouth muscles.

I also used a few more brushes and a very large palette knife to make SpongeBob look like a cartoon character.

I didn’t want the Spongebob paint to go all over the place, so the paint stayed mostly within the paint tool, which was the palette knife.

Next up, I did the same thing for the hair, eyebrows, and eyes.

Once I had the look I wanted, I moved on to the rest of the painting.

After I was satisfied with the overall look, I transferred the finished product to my digital paint brush.

When I transferred it, I noticed the brushstroke was missing from the brush and that I had to add it back in.

This left me with a bunch of messy lines.

So, I put a little bit of water and a paintbrush under the sponge and made it thinner.

I then moved on, creating a Spongebobs mouth and making it more realistic by adding a couple more dots to the jaw and jawline.

I put the paint on top of the brush, and used my palette knife and palette to create SpongeBob.

I took the sponge off and placed it on a table and sprayed it onto the paint brush, which I made a bit larger.

Then I applied a couple of more layers of paint on the paintbrush.

Finally, I sprayed some more water on top, then sprayed it again.

I was so happy that I got the SpongeBobs mouth to look like SpongeBob!

The SpongeBob paint has the best texture I have ever seen.

The sponge absorbs and spreads paint so beautifully.

I can’t wait to paint this Spongebabies face!

I love that this painting is so realistic, and I can use it to paint my other SpongeBob paintings! 

The SpongeBob Paint Tool Sai article I am so excited to show you this sponge painting tutorial from The Sport Bibles! 

This sponge painting will be my next SpongeBob mural!

If you love SpongeBob, this painting will make you feel even more inspired to paint your own!

If, like me, you don’t love SpongeBabies, I can only imagine what a great SpongeBob art this painting would look like.

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