How to make an Easy Flower Painting

The easy way to make a flower painting?

With a brush and a little patience.

This simple tutorial is made from pictures that I took with my phone and some simple advice from my gardener.

It will take a couple of minutes to get going but the end result will be a masterpiece of beautiful flowers.1.

Cut the flower tips.2.

The flower tips are cut out, then cut them into four pieces.3.

The flowers are ready to be painted.4.

The painting will take around five minutes to do.

Step one: Cut the flowers.

This is easy.

Use a pair of scissors and take the flower tip off of the stem.

If it has been cut off it is safe to remove it.

The stems are very fragile and I’ve seen some people get it all broken on them.

Step two: Cut off the stems.

If you are painting the flower on the outside of a flower, it’s okay to cut off the stem on the inside of the flower.

It can still be used for the flower in the middle of the picture.

Step three: Now, cut off any excess flower.4a.

Paint the flower with your favourite colour.

The most common colours are white and green.

It doesn’t matter what colour you use as long as it has a nice yellow undertone to it.4b.

Let the paint dry for at least an hour.

Step four: Repeat with the remaining flower tips until all the flower flowers are painted.

Step five: Let dry completely.

Step six: Now paint the stem with the same colour as the flower you just cut off.

Step seven: Let it dry completely for at the same time.5.

Repeat step four and step seven again with the other flower tips, letting them dry completely before painting the rest of the stems and flower petals.6.

Take the stem and leave it to dry for an hour or so.7.

Now take the rest and leave to dry.8.

Let it dries completely.9.

Paint it to the same depth as the original.

Now you have a flower with a beautiful flower.

This picture is the flower from Step one and is one of the most difficult to do flowers to date.

You need to get a bit creative with the paint to create a good effect.

I used my trusty paint brush and used a mixture of red, green and blue colours to achieve the look I wanted.

Steps two through five are pretty self-explanatory.

The next step is the painting of the petals and the flower stem.

Step six and step eight are the most important steps in the process, as these are the steps that make the finished picture.

The last step is to paint the flower petal with a colour you like.

If your garden doesn’t have a lot of colours available, go for a different colour than your garden.

Step nine is when you can really start adding details to your flower.

Step 10 is when the flower will be ready to show you all its wonderful flowers.

The final step is when all the flowers are finished.