How to identify the most expensive paintings in the world

The most expensive painting in the history of art is going for $13.5 million.

That’s the price tag on the painting “The Birth of Venus” by German artist Hans Christian Andersen.

The painting, which was originally painted in 1780, was purchased by a private collector in 2014 for $1.2 million.

The art world is in awe of Andersen’s work and the auction house is selling it at a record-breaking price.

The auction house said it will auction the work to raise funds for a children’s hospital in California.

The work is a masterpiece of a German painter who made a name for himself by portraying human beings as beautiful and flawed.

It is one of the most valuable works of art ever owned by a non-European country.

The works are sold through the auction company Art-Auctions.

The price of the work is $13,500,000.

Art-Sale, which is owned by the Art Museum of Chicago, said it is not auctioning Andersen’s masterpiece for the first time.

It will auction it for the second time at a later date.

It was originally purchased by the family of American painter Michael O’Donoghue, who is also a former director of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.