How to fix a grey paint color issue

By Sarah Kliff By The Associated PressA painting by Philadelphia artist George Grosz was among the thousands of paintings he displayed as part of a show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

It was a tribute to the late Philadelphia artist William S. Groszo, who died in February.

The National Gallery’s gift shop was packed with Groszos work when the artist’s grandson, Daniel Groszynski, called to say his grandfather had purchased the painting.

It had been displayed in his father’s studio in the 1960s and was on view for two years.

He said he wanted to pay homage to the artist with the Groszers paintings.

He bought the painting for $1,700, but after it arrived, he said, he realized it was gray paint and was trying to figure out what to do with it.

So, he bought a small black brush and a palette.

Then he went to the painting’s gallery and found it had an odd color.

“It was really grey,” Groszi said.

He painted a white background on top of the painting to show the paint’s color, then painted it over again.

“The black is really white,” he said.

The painting is now on view at the Gallery’s new permanent collection.

“This is a big deal,” said Michael Pomerantz, who has curated the gallery’s permanent collection since 2011.

“He’s probably the most famous painter in America and a very, very influential figure in American art.”

The National Art Museum has sold more than 10,000 Groszanas, which are considered masterpieces in the United States.

The Groszes, whose work is known as a family portrait, also contributed to the paintings of the painter’s nephew, artist George M. Pomeranz, who is in his 80s.

Pomeranz has created more than 200 Grosanzas, according to the National Art Gallery.

He says the family has donated more than a million of them, which he believes will be used for permanent displays.

But the Grazzys’ contributions are a different matter.

“It’s kind of a family affair,” Pomeranza said.

“George was really a great artist and really a very important artist.

I think that’s what made him so special.

I don’t think he was just a painter.

He was really an artist and an artist in his own right.”

The museum says it has sold some of the Goszas and is currently working on other paintings.

But Pomerotta said he has been disappointed that the paintings have not been used for any permanent exhibitions.

“I think it’s a shame because we have been working very hard and have had so much fun with this exhibition, and that’s something that makes me sad,” he added.

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