How to create a new way to paint watercolor using watercolor pencils

A group of artists are using watercolors to create artwork.

They call their work the ‘watercolor pencil’ and it’s all about bringing together the art and technology of watercolor to make something new.

The group is called The Watercolors Project, and it works with a handful of artists who are all part of the ‘creative community’.

They are using the ink and watercolor tools to create something new and original.

It’s the brainchild of photographer and illustrator Thomas Kinkade, and the work is a blend of digital and physical.

Kinkades website is dedicated to the project, and he uses watercolor as a way to express himself.

The watercolor pen has the same ink used in fountain pens, but instead of using a regular ink, it uses water-based ink, which is more flexible and more easily applied.

It’s a much more subtle way to create, Kinkases website explains.

“It’s a lot more organic and the pen has a lot of flexibility and I think that’s the thing that’s so important in this project,” Kinkes website reads.

“Because the pen is the most flexible, I can put the pen on a piece of paper, put it on my chair and it can go wherever I want.”

It is a way for the artists to use their ink, and a way of using it to express themselves.

It has been a lot harder for other artists to do the same, Kinks website states.

“The watercolor pencil is a kind of way to do that,” said artist and illustrators Thomas Kinks and Mark Rysland.

“So if you look at the way we paint we paint with watercolours and then we’re doing something else with water colours.

So I think watercoloured pens are a really cool way to really communicate with the audience.”

The Watercolours Project has been working on the watercolouring project for three years, and Kinkays website states that they have about 10 different watercolour pencils and they are available for purchase.

“We are working with a few of the watercolour pencils now and we have a couple of watercolored pencils that we are selling on our website,” Kinks said.

“And so we’re really excited about the possibilities and the possibilities that are going to be coming to this project.”

What we’re thinking of doing is bringing together watercolour and technology in a very organic way,” he said.