How an art store made an art museum for a painting project

By R.J. Davis, Washington TimesArt, art, art gallery,gallery,garden article By Paul J. RichardsThe Washington TimesWashington, D.C. (AP)An artist who made his name selling canvas paintings at a family-owned art store in the heart of downtown Washington is getting a new lease on life at an art gallery in the District.

Ralph L. Tichelman was recently awarded a contract to paint the gallery’s new gallery.

Tichelmans first art gallery opened in the nation’s capital in 1995.

In 2004, it became a hub for contemporary art in the city and beyond.TICHLINS NEW COLLECTION TICKET:Buy online or call the gallery, 860-743-3389.

Tics latest paintings include one by a family of five that was made in tribute to a man who died in a car crash.

Tics gallery has a permanent exhibition of Tichers work, as well as a permanent show of his prints and a permanent display of a few of his paintings.

His new gallery, which opened in 2017, has become a hub of contemporary art, as Tichellman’s work has become one of the most sought after pieces in Washington.

Tices gallery has become such a focal point of the arts scene that a new mural by a local artist was painted there.