A Lad is Back!

By now, you know about the Lad.

He’s a dog with the ability to speak, but his voice is only a little higher than your average dog.

He also has a tendency to get up to his ears and bang his head against things.

In the past, Lad had a big, loud voice that was sometimes heard by passersby.

This has since been replaced with a softer, gentler one that’s a little more calming.

The Lad has now returned to his original calling, and he’s a new hero in the Lad Bible.

He once again has to fend off a horde of wolves, but this time, he’s fighting a different kind of beast.

It seems he’s back to being a canine.

The new Lad has a new mission: Find the last of his old friends, and kill them all.

This will hopefully solve the mystery of how the original Lad became the new Lad.

But, as usual, we’re still waiting for the next Lad.

It’s a mystery we’re going to have to solve together.