Angelus paint and oil painting: The two things you need to know about these two art forms

Painting, drawing, and oil-painting are all very similar.Paint comes in many different types, and each is a visual art medium.The differences between the two, however, are so great that they need to be explained and shared.Here are the main differences between paint and other mediums.What makes paint different?A painter’s canvas is made up of colored […]


Bird Painting by John Martin, a painting of birds in the wild

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Why You Shouldn’t be Worried About Your Microphones Being Killed by Microphones

Polygon’s Sam Machkovech reports that you should probably think twice about what you’re doing in the shower.A new study suggests that the number of people dying of water-related causes may be significantly higher than previously thought.This includes drownings and other accidental deaths.The study looked at the death rate from drowning in Sweden from 2009 to […]